A Vision of Reuse & Repair: From Niche to Normal


 Funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA), ” A Vision of Reuse & Repair: From Niche to Normal” event celebrated and promoted reuse and repair in Northern Ireland’s journey towards a sustainable and circular economy.

Attendees brought items to be repaired in our first repair café at Stormont, and enjoyed presentations from keynote speakers and experts. 

Minister Andrew Muir highlighted the event’s significance, noting its role in fostering community resilience and green jobs. Our host, BBC correspondent Louise Cullen, added a memorable touch with her passion for the environment.

Special thanks to everyone that made this event so special. The momentum generated gives us great optimism for transforming reuse and repair from niche to normal. We look forward to many more inspiring gatherings in the future!

Please enjoy the slides shared below from our guest speakers, and if you plan to reference these in your work or studies, be sure to give us cred