The case for Connected Circular Economy Hubs.

Northern Ireland Resources Network welcome the findings in the recent Strategic Assessment of Review outlining the case for Connected Circular Economy Hubs. As a key Circular Economy stakeholder and as part of the Expert Advisory Group, Northern Ireland Resources Network was delighted to contribute our insights, based on the local knowledge and experiences from our member organisations that make up our Network. It is the work delivered by our members on the ground that will play a role in successful roadmapping for these Connecting Hubs, and for the long-term systemic circular transformation

Work began last year on a Strategic Assessment Report into the development of Connected Circular Economy Hubs in both capital cities when Belfast City Council and Dublin City Council received funding from the Shared Island Fund. This hub would act as a platform to bring together key stakeholders, to work collaboratively and share learning to enable the development of a more Circular Shared Island.

The report describes the development of Connected Circular Economy Hubs as the catalyst that can drive the transition of Belfast and Dublin to a circular economy at pace and scale and outlines a range of differing models which would support this transition with 3 options being explored in more detail. 

Northern Ireland Resources Network looks forward to this report leading to action and with continued commitment and partnership, the development of a CCEH to enable amore sustainable, resilient and circular economy can be realized