Unmasking Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As the dust settles on another year of frenzied Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, calls to buy more on seemingly irresistible deals lingers.  However, initiatives like the Restart Project and Reuse Network are urging us to reconsider our spending habits, advocating for a shift toward sustainability through repairing and reusing existing items. This push for #BuyNothingNewDay and #CircularMonday encourages consumers to make mindful choices and lower their carbon footprint.

Buy Nothing New Day spotlights reuse charities that make a positive impact on both people and the planet. It prompts us to question the annual shopping spree culture that Black Friday embodies and prompts us to explore alternatives that contribute to a more sustainable future. Northern Ireland Resources Network encourages support for our Members who can offer you everything from preloved textiles and furniture to lending library vouchers and workshop experiences!

Which Research adds a layer of scepticism to the Black Friday hype, revealing that a staggering 98% of products on sale during Black Friday 2021 were either cheaper or the same price at other times in the year. Their 2022 investigation, spanning seven major home and tech retailers, debunks the myth of exclusive discounts. The study found that 86% of the tracked items were not only the same price or cheaper in the six months before Black Friday but also failed to hit their lowest price on the purported sale day.

All evidence points to the lack of authenticity of Black Friday deals, questioning the marketing campaign and unravelling the truth about these dates in the yearly calendar. We’re being lured by the promise of substantial savings that may not be as substantial as they seem.

As the holiday season fast approaches, and the pressure to buy intensifies, remember that it’s ok to refuse, reuse, repair and importantly rethink our relationship with stuff. Time and experiences can be more valuable than a new shiny gift.

As we navigate the post-Black Friday landscape, it’s evident that the true cost of our purchases extends beyond the price tag. Environmental and ethical considerations deserve our attention too – so be prepared for next year – time really does fly!