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Liberty Consortium

Liberty Consortium is a dedicated organisation committed to creating a more inclusive and vibrant community through its various initiatives in Derry-Londonderry. With a primary focus on play, outdoor learning, and social provision for young adults with learning disabilities, Liberty Consortium operates the Playtrail site and the HUB, where it provides day opportunities and social provision for those in need.

At the heart of Liberty Consortium’s mission is the Playtrail site, a dynamic space that embraces an inclusive approach to play and outdoor learning. This site serves as a haven for young adults with learning disabilities, offering them a supportive environment to thrive. The HUB complements this by providing additional day opportunities and social provisions, catering specifically to the unique needs of young adults facing learning disabilities.

Key initiatives spearheaded by Liberty Consortium include a commitment to reuse & repair and include community allotments, and a community fridge.

A cornerstone of Liberty Consortium’s activities is the Thrift Charity Shop, a venture that not only supports the organisation’s sustainability goals but also contributes to the broader community by providing affordable preloved goods.

You will often find preloved bikes from Life Cycles on sale at the Northside based charity shop in Derry-Londonderry