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Tools for Solidarity

Mid Ulster District Council

Mid Ulster Council takes pride in its commitment to sustainability through a range of innovative Reuse and Repair Activities. These initiatives not only contribute to environmental conservation but also foster partnerships with local organisations, businesses, and charities, creating a positive impact on the community.

1. WEEE Repair & Reuse Scheme (in partnership with Star Appliances)

Annually diverting approx. 12 tonnes of electronic waste from landfills, the WEEE Repair & Reuse Scheme not only addresses the growing issue of electronic waste but also supports local employment opportunities. Collaborating with Star Appliances, this initiative not only reduces environmental impact but also provides valuable jobs and apprentice’s.

2. Paint ReUse Scheme (in partnership with Community RePaint)

In collaboration with Community RePaint, Mid Ulster Council’s Paint ReUse Scheme annually repurposes 12 tonnes of paint, turning potential waste into a valuable resource for the community. This initiative not only contributes to a circular economy but also provides meaningful employment opportunities, promoting a sustainable approach to paint consumption and disposal.

3. Bicycle Repair & ReUse Scheme (in partnership with Rotary Club Ireland)

The Bicycle Repair & ReUse Scheme, in partnership with Rotary Club Ireland, annually refurbishes 6 tonnes of bicycles, promoting sustainable transportation and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, this initiative provides valuable employment opportunities and fosters community engagement through the support of local volunteers.

4. Uniform ReUse Scheme (partnered with local charity shops)

Collaborating with three local charity shops—Hospice NI (Magherafelt), Marie Curie (Cookstown), and Cancer Research UK (Dungannon)—the Uniform ReUse Scheme ensures the responsible disposal and reuse of uniforms. Although the annual amount is less than one tonne, the initiative has a significant social impact by supporting these charities and their noble causes.

5. ReUsable Nappy Scheme

Addressing the environmental impact of disposable diapers, the ReUsable Nappy Scheme promotes zero waste parenting practices. While the annual amount is less than 0.25 tonnes, the initiative encourages responsible consumption and waste reduction in the community.

6. Community ReUse Pilot (in Dungannon)

Mid Ulster Council’s Community ReUse Pilot in Dungannon, dedicated to the reuse of furniture, annually diverts 6 tonnes of furniture from landfills. This initiative not only contributes to waste reduction but also facilitates opportunities for local charities to access affordable furniture, fostering a sense of community and support.