Hints & Tips

Repair Cafe Belfast

Setting up a Repair Café Hints & Tips

Thinking about starting a Repair Cafe in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland Resources Network bring you a ‘hint’s and tips’ video, capturing the stories of Repair Cafes across Northern Ireland. 

We hope the video gives you a flavour of what a repair café looks and feels like and that the supporting document offers you guidance as you begin your journey. 

NIRN Member, Repair Cafe Belfast, have supported 9 other repair cafes, through workshops, advice, public information meetings and practical help getting all the key ingredients in place. 

You can get in touch with NIRN and we will make sure to put you in touch with the people who are passionate about Community Repair. 



"It's been wonderful to see community repair grow, bring people together, save people money, reduce waste and share skills"