Fast Fashion has a negative impact on the envrironment

Overproduction of clothing, footwear and household textiles has many detrimental environmental impacts including water pollution, greenhouse gas emission and the amount of waste which is generated.

EVERY SINGLE WEEK we throw away 533 tonnes of textiles

Approximately 533 tonnes of clothing is thrown out every single week in Northern Ireland and around 30% of this unwanted clothing and textiles is binned.

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) is raising awareness of the growing issue and challenge around clothing and textile waste with their Forever Fashion Campaign. The campaign promotes alternatives to buying new such as shopping in second hand clothing outlets or if your clothing has a tear, undertaking simple repairs.

What can I do… to reduce the impact of fast fashion?

Meet the NIRN members who are are prolonging the lifespan of clothing by selling preloved items or helping people learn how to undertake simple repairs. 

  • You can repair or upcycle your clothes. Repair Cafe Belfast organise regular meetups for you to learn how to repair your clothes with their online webinar

I reuse, what about you?

Discover more about the environmental benefits of reusing clothing by using the “I reuse, what about you?” online calculator.