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Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency launches funding opportunity for projects targeting food waste and other causes of waste

EPA is inviting business and industry applicants from across Ireland’s economy with business-ready innovative projects targeting the areas of food, plastic, construction and demolition waste and resources and raw materials.

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Reuse, repair, recycle: Ireland’s ‘Circular economy’ legislation set to have huge impact

The Circular Economy Bill 2021, will change everything – from the way a product is made, used and reused, and to the way it can and must be recycled.

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Zero Waste North West nappy library offering parents the chance save money and the environment

A nappy library is offering parents the chance to save hundreds of pounds as well as help save the environment

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Carbon Copy Online Virtual Photography Exhibition

Featuring local community activity to target climate change including category on Circular Economy which features NIRN members

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EU Prepares to ‘Make Sustainable Products the Norm’

From repairable smartphones and durable clothes to toxic-free supply chains and the verification of green claims, the new laws will set the path for Europe’s transition to a more resilient, less wasteful and more circular economy

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Collaboration between NIRN members Zero Waste North West and 4rs in support of Bike Week

Recent joint activity between Zero Waste North West and other organisations in the Derry City & Strabane District Council Region including 4Rs to rescue bikes which would end up as waste.

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National Circular Economy Research Programme Launched

The National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research (NICER) programme, launched to accelerate the UK’s shift to a circular economy

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Waitrose expands ‘unpacked’ range after growth in refillable sales

Waitrose is increasing the range of refillable items after successful trial

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Fashion fit for the future: The skills needed to drive clothing’s circular transition

How the rise of reuse and repair models will change the landscape of the Dutch clothing industry

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Sustainability for Our Future – DAERA’s Plan to 2050

DAERA’s long term vision to ensure Northern Ireland has a healthy environment, economy and population

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Arc’teryx launches resale, care and repair services

Outdoor clothing and equipment brant Arc’teryx has launched a new programme enabling consumers to resell, repair, upcycle and extend the life of their products

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Ireland’s Draft Circular Economy Strategy

Includes measures such as halving food waste, doubling the size of the reuse sector in 5 years and establish green procurement in all public purchasing within two years

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