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Polestar Capital opens €100 million circular economy

Polestar Capital launched of Europe’s biggest circular economy fund – the Polestar Capital Circular Debt Fund (PCDF)

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Consumer knowledge ‘essential’ to fuel the circular economy

Recent survey by DNV, suggests consumer knowledge of circular economy is growing while more ‘innovation and legislation’ is needed to drive increased engagement and action

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NI landfills see 12.7% increase in waste, despite targets for 65% to be recycled by 2035

Latest statistics shows quarterly landfill rate of 23.7%, higher than the 21.6% recorded during the same quarter of 2020

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Training programme launches in Dublin to assist small businesses to adopt a Circular Economy Business Model

Circular Economy Programme gives local businesses the opportunity to avail of training in sustainable business and circular economy practices

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ReLondon and Islington Council funding for local businesses to try or scale up circular approaches to reduce waste and carbon impacts

Fund up to 20 small businesses to become more circular, increasing economic resilience, building ‘green’ skillsets and contributing to the borough’s target of net-zero carbon by 2030

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£6 million National Lottery funding to support UK communities to reduce waste

Funding awarded to 21 community-led projects focused on waste and consumption

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Course set up to combat shortage of white goods repair technicians

First Irish course of its kind in a decade and is training a new generation of repair engineers

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Dubai’s ambitious target to achieve Zero Waste by 2030

 Dubai set to transform the emirate’s approach to sustainability and firmly on the path towards a greener and cleaner future.

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Ecosurety Exploration Fund announced three UK firms as 2022 prize winners

Three UK-based innovation and research projects offering impactful solutions to reuse, repair and recycling sectors have been awarded a total of £334,000 by Ecosurety Exploration Fund.

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The growth of Repair Cafes across Wales

Blog by Phoebe Brown, Director Repair Cafe Wales, on how Repair Cafe Wales was founded in April 2017 and with support from Wales Council for Voluntary Action and the Welsh Government circular economy team now operate 50 repair cafes.

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South Tyneside charity gets share of National Lottery funding to help cut waste and tackle climate change

Funding used to reduce waste in the community through adapting the area’s existing bulky waste service in partnership with South Tyneside Council and Our 1 Community

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Why we need to remove ‘waste’ from the dictionary

Article by Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability at Circular Computing, challenging the negative and dormant connotations associated with the term “waste” and the need for an alternative way of viewing materials and products that are beyond their initial lifecycle.

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