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6 Most Exciting Packaging Startups Helping Solve The Plastic Waste Crisis

Showcasing six startups from around the world that are at the forefront of fighting packaging waste with their clever and planet-friendly solutions

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UK households ‘abandon’ 4.2 million electrical items over Christmas

UK households bought nearly 40 million electrical items between Black Friday and Christmas, according Recycle Your Electrical’s campaign. This resulted in 4.2 million unwanted electrical items being “abandoned”, with the hoarding of 2.2 million items and the other 2 million thrown away

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Transitioning to Green Government Procurement could cut 15% of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Research by World Economic Forum and Boston Consultancy Group shows that Global Government Procurement activities emit seven times as much Carbon as entire Aviation Industry

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Ireland considers French-style ban on fruit and veg plastic packaging

A ban on single use plastics for most fruits and vegetables being considered by Department of Environment, Climate and Communications as part of government’s Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy

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Booming e-waste and how repair incentives can help keep goods out of landfills

Global e-waste is set to grow to 75 million metric tonnes by 2030 and many of these discarded products could be reused, reducing the need to produce more

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Circular Economy Accelerator (CEA) initiative seeks innovative green economy SMEs

South African CEA is designed to boost the success of established small and medium enterprises active in the circular economy, environmental sustainability, recycling, waste reduction and related sectors.

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How national policies can accelerate the transition to a reuse economy

Reusable packaging for consumer goods, which are designed to be used several times, hold the key to achieving a world free of plastic waste.

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Northern Ireland e-commerce firm Responsible raises £5m investment

Responsible, a Belfast-based e-commerce business that helps brands and their customers resell clothes, has raised almost £5m in new investment

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Growing fashion’s regenerative future

Article by The Great British Sewing Bee star, Patrick Grant highlighting how the decline in UK’s textile manufacturing industry has “torn apart” local communities and made way for a fashion industry that’s destroying the planet, and the opportunities to reverse the loss of jobs and grow a regenerative future

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Ireland reveals first National Circular Economy Strategy

Ireland has announced its first national circular economy strategy, building on the Government’s aim to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions by 51 per cent by 2030, and reach Net Zero by 2050

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New Waste Management Strategy to be delivered in 2023

Northern Ireland is to set a target to ensure that no more than 10 per cent of its waste goes to landfill by 2035

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Ending the use of single-use plastics in Northern Ireland government offices

New Decade, New Approach pledged the ending of plastic pollution in Northern Ireland.

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