Sustainable Conversations

We’ve been Nominated for an Award! The team at European Week for Waste Reduction picked up on our special edition podcast series, focusing on the 2023 theme #Packaging. If you haven’t listened yet – scroll down and look for the EWWR logo!

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Resources Network Podcast Series

 Join our host, Rosalind Skillen, as she engages with local changemakers driving sustainability locally in Northern Ireland. Tune in for inspiring stories and practical insights, discovering tangible steps towards a circular economy. This series is your gateway to the practical efforts within the NIRN network, and those organisations who are making great strides in reducing waste through community led action. 

During European Week for Waste Reduction 2023,  NIRN will be hosting exclusive interviews with governmental organisations, local authorities, environmental groups and ulster university to highlight the actions being taken across Northern Ireland to tackle waste.