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Discover how to access funding for your organisation

A long term shift in behaviour is necessary to make reuse and repair strategy successful. The voluntary and social enterprise sector has been at the forefront of creating and promoting a Circular Economy and to ensure their continued growth, funding plays a vital role.  

The UK is embracing the Reuse and Repair sector and funding has been provided to support activity. Zero Waste Scotland manages a £18 million Circular Economy Investment fund which includes a specific focus on innovative re-use and repair projects and Wales during 2020 announced £13 million to support repair and reuse activities in town centres.

Funding routes to explore 

  • Your local council

  • Within radius of a Wind Farm or Landfill site, organisations such as Groundworks NI may have funding. Grants  available for community benefit including job creation, skills training, apprenticeships and environmental issues

  • National Lottery Community Fund NI – range of funds available including Awards for All with funding levels of up to £10k and People and Communities with funding of up to £500k available

  • Governmental Funding Database – provides information on grants across governmental departments and local councils (provides details of funds available and organisations/activities who have been in receipt of funding)

Hints and tips in accessing funds and fundraising

  • Speak with funders and ensure your application is built around the fund requirements. A five minute conversation regarding your organisation and project needs could help support completion of your application and confirm at an early stage if your project meets the fund criteria

  • Think about funding sites such as Crowdfunder who can connect your project with individuals who value your organisation’s purpose

  • Consider joint applications with an aligned organisation to present a stronger application

  • Promote and publicise your work to attract private donations

  • Social Enterprises who are looking to invest profits in activities and resources that create social benefit

  • Fundraising activity – The attached Code of Fundraising Practice provides a guide for standards which apply to fundraising and key considerations for organisations and their volunteers if they embark upon fundraising activity

NIRN members get access to current funding opportunities and meetings with other network members to discuss funding streams and peer to peer support. If you are a NIRN member go here for further information.

Code of Fundraising Practice

Guidance from the Fundraising Regulator (October 2019)