Love, Pancakes, and NIRN turns two!

As we step into the month of February, three calendar events are on the horizon – inviting us to celebrate but also offering an opportunity to rethink reuse and repair. Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, and the second anniversary of NIRN!

  1. Valentine’s Day – synonymous with expressions of love and tokens of affection. This year, we’re asking you to forget the cliché plastic-wrapped gifts and consider a shift towards sustainable and meaningful gestures. Think about gifting experiences or items with a lower environmental impact. Explore the NIRN Member Network who everything from pre-loved clothes, lending library vouchers, and workshops that promote eco-friendly living. By choosing thoughtful, sustainable gifts, or choosing to simply spend time with your loved ones, you not only express your love but also contribute to a healthier planet.
  2. Shrove Tuesday –  As you whip up those pancakes, think about keeping it green. Explore organic and fair-trade options to support sustainable farming practices and aim to reduce food waste by planning your ingredients wisely. Sharing with neighbours, family and friends means we can all contribute to the pancake mix and indulge before the season of lent kicks in for some.
  3. NIRN Turns 2 – NIRN Members have been instrumental in the development of our network and our commitment to you is to continue developing our strategies, offerings and keeping reuse and repair top of the agenda. We look forward to releasing our training and events calendar in the coming month so that we can all get together more often to keep Rethink Reuse and Repair front and centre.

Don’t forget to share your reuse and repair events with us via our quick submission form and we’ll help spread the word!