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Tools for Solidarity

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

Mid and East Antrim Council is actively involved in various reuse and repair initiatives to promote sustainability and support community action. Here’s an overview of their activities and partnerships:

  1. Community Repaint Scheme:
    • Locations: Waveney Road, Redlands, Sullatober.
    • Residents can drop off or collect leftover paint at Repaint Sheds.
    • Website: Community Repaint Scheme.
  2. School Uniform Scheme:
    • Provides pre-worn school uniforms to families in need.
    • Annual drop-off and collection points announced during the summer.
    • Website: School Uniform Scheme.
  3. Christmas Toy Container Scheme:
    • Collaborates with organizations to collect and distribute toys to those in need.
    • Annual drop-off locations announced in November.
    • Website: Christmas Toy Container Scheme.
  4. Baby Banks:
    • Supports new parents with essential items.
    • Locations in Carrickfergus and upcoming in Larne.
    • Website: Carrickfergus Baby Bank.
  5. Refresh Hygiene Store:
    • Provides free toiletries, including essentials and luxury items.
    • Located at The Sparrow Centre, Ledcom Industrial Estate, Larne.
    • Website: Refresh Hygiene Store.
  6. Community Fridges:
    • Platforms for sharing surplus food at various locations.
    • Not means-tested, open to all.
    • Website: Community Fridges.
  7. Refillution Scheme:
    • Encourages using reusable water bottles to reduce plastic waste.
    • Website: Refillution Scheme.
  8. Bulk Lift Collections, Re-Use:
    • Offers one bulky lift per household per year.
    • Good quality items donated to Habitat for Humanity.
    • Website: Bulky Lift Request.
  9. East Belfast Mission (Restore):
    • Charity shop in Larne specializing in reusable furniture, bicycles, clothes, and more.
    • Website: Restore.
  10. Winter Coats Project:
    • Provides second-hand coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to those in need.
    • Donation and distribution events held at St. Cedma’s Church Hall in Larne.
    • Website: Winter Coats Project.
  11. Olio App:
    • Local sharing app for passing on unused items.
    • Tesco partnership to rescue surplus food.
    • Website: Olio App.
  12. Fair Share:
    • UK’s national network redistributing surplus food to charities and community groups.
    • Website: FairShare.
  13. Habitat for Humanity (Restore):
    • Sells donated building materials and home improvement items.
    • Diverts reusable materials from landfill.
    • Website: Habitat for Humanity.
  14. Reuse IT Scheme (Vyta):
    • Refurbishes and sells suitable IT equipment.
    • Ensures data removal and refurbishment.
    • Website: Vyta.
  15. Coming Soon:
    • Spectacle Reuse Scheme: Collects old spectacles for repair and redistribution.
    • CIRCUS Circular Economy and Social Enterprise Programme: Supports social enterprise organizations in innovative circular economy solutions.

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