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Tools for Solidarity

Tools for Solidarity

Tools for Solidarity is a non profit organisation in Northern Ireland that runs entirely by volunteers. The charity supports artisans in the poorest countries of the world by providing high quality refurbished hand tools, sewing machines and training through local refurbishment centres within the regions themselves. This act of solidarity enables local people to have technical skills and knowledge to be more self-reliant.

Tools for Solidarity offers volunteering opportunities for all with particular emphasis on volunteers with extra support needs, refugees and asylum seekers and international volunteers.

They also run an education programme in NI – Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This programme has been designed to create awareness about Poverty, Global injustice and Environmental issues. Moreover, the course encourage participants to be more conscious of their actions as well as helping them to have a critical understanding of the connections between local and global. It is delivered free to local primary schools and has also been adapted for older age groups and adults.

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