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Zero Waste North West

Leading the transition to a Zero Waste Circular Economy in the Derry & Strabane in partnership with Derry City and Strabane District Council. Their creative engagement with council, community and business has ensured that they are the first city region in the UK and the island of Ireland to set out on the journey to zero waste.

The journey is at the same time the transition from our linear linear economy to a circular one, where ‘waste’ is understood as leakage from the circle.  The approach shifts industry & consumer focus above recycling on the waste hierarchy to REDESIGN, of produces currently not recyclable, RECONSIDER (do I really need to buy this?) REUSE (moving away from single use products, e.g. to cloth nappies) and thinking REPAIR before replacement.

They have a vibrant calendar of events like their annual Enough Stuff Festival with its Repair Cafe, and have directly led pioneering work that models the zero waste approach in action.

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